ART from the HEART. . .


Currently our 'Art is Good' Studio is under the umbrella of the non-profit 501 c3 - East Suburban Citizen's Advocacy Organization.  With Miss Gabi's talents, she plans to transform their 'Art from the Heart' Program and make it known and recognized world wide. 

'Art from the Heart' is a program to help promote ESCA vision of a community in which all people are appreciated and accepted.  Original artwork is created by artists that have developmental disabilities.  ESCA supports 'Art from the Heart' by partnering with local businesses to display and market their work.  ESCA supports jewelry and art classes, through 'Art from the Heart' Program. 

About 5 years ago, Miss Gabi met Kate Cala when Kate's mom was an exhibiting artist  at the art center.  Soon after they met, 'Art from the Heart' Program was promoted at the Latrobe Art Center and due to this partnership, Miss Gabi's relationship started with Clelian Heights.  It was an 'AHA MOMENT' when Miss Gabi was reunited with Kate Cala October 2017 when they realized their missions and their goals were one in the same!!  EQUALITY, ACCEPTANCE, AND KINDNESS.  

Miss Gabi plans to integrate their artwork with her students and artists artwork as well.  These individuals will have the exact same guidelines as anyone else.  And you will all be able to witness the beauty of INCLUSION by viewing their art journey online with our art journals.  This is something Miss Gabi has wanted to do for a while now, but in order to do this and be successful, you have to have the RIGHT kind of people, with the RIGHT kind of passion who is an advocate for equality, acceptance, kindness, and happiness.  This is just the beginning of one colorful journey.




"I am who I am because my mother believed in me."

"I am who I am because my mother believed in me."

A 2001 Graduate of Saint Vincent College, Gabrielle Kathleen Nastuck, is an artist, art teacher, graphic designer, and the former Director of the Latrobe Art Center. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Arts with a focus in Graphic Design as well as a Minor in Art History. After graduation, she attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she received her Digital Design Diploma.

Creative, innovative and always thinking outside of the box, Miss Gabi spent the last 13 years of her career at the Latrobe Art Center, in downtown Latrobe, PA.  Beginning as the children's art instructor, graphic  and web designer, she evolved to executive director in 2010, where she led her creative team and expanded the facility three times, added a thriving full service cafe, and created innovative and unique grant funded programming for the Greater Latrobe Community and children and adults with special needs reaching all 17 school districts throughout Westmoreland County. 

On a yearly basis, Miss Gabi would interact and touch the lives of over 3,000 children a year with her art educational programming! 

She has been recognized for her commitment to her job, community, and Saint Vincent by receiving the "2012 Recent Alumni Distinction Award,” And in 2014 was awarded the “Trailblazer of the Year” award by the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau and most recent 2017 Non-Profit of the Year Award by the Chamber of Commerce. Her additional awards include South Western Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition – 2010 & 2012, Mr. Fred Rogers Regional Juried Exhibition 2011, and the Westmoreland Biennial in 2010.

To view her personal website go to www.gabriellenastuck.com




As of October of 2017, Miss Gabi started a new chapter in her life.  She decided to take her 13 years of experience and do what most are afraid to do.  CREATE YOUR DREAM JOB!  Expanding on her mission and vision of helping individuals of all abilities find their voice within, she is currently creating a safe, happy place for all to come and share in the creative process.  

I approach both life and work with passion, sincerity, honesty, and compassion. To me, creating a safe, happy, colorful place to help someone connect and hear their voice through creativity and expression is my mission in life.  Art and Music have always been my saving grace. Art Heals.

Helping individuals of ALL abilities discover who they are helped me become who I am today.   It is a magical experience to see the eyes of a young child light up when they realize they created ART all on their own!!  I want to continue on with my mission but little by little add all forms of art to the mix.  The music, the theater, and the writing will all blend together to create one big masterpiece! 

Are you ready?  I AM!



In the background is Miss Gabi's Graphite Drawing of Fred Rogers.

In the background is Miss Gabi's Graphite Drawing of Fred Rogers.

Last night, March 6, 2018 -  I watched "It's You I Like" on PBS, a documentary on the life and impact Mister Fred Rogers made on the world.  Mister Rogers has always been a very large part of my life from the very beginning.  After the show, as I was crying and smiling at the same time, I sat down and this flowed out of me.  Fred is why I do what I do.  Not only because it makes me happy inside to help people, but it is even more important to me that we all find peace, love, acceptance and equality.  He is my inspiration everyday. 


Dear Mister Rogers,

It’s YOU, I like.
It’s YOU, that’s special.
It’s YOU, Mister Rogers, that showed the world to love your neighbor no matter what race, gender, or disability they had.  It’s YOU, who have given me the courage and the drive to continue to show what truly matters is what's inside.

Mister Rogers, how I wish you were here today to help all of us see this more closely. You were unique in what you did and how you did it. You made it look so easy.

Being a woman, with a disability, and using a wheelchair. . .and watching your show all over again, this time as a 39 year old adult, gives me goosebumps when you gently and kindly show the differences in human beings and yet at the same time show we are all the same inside. We are all one and we all matter.

Your show should be on all the time, now and forever, not only for children but for adults to understand how important it is for us to be Kind, for us to love, and for us to be accepted.

I love you, Mister Fred Rogers and I am honored to live in your neighborhood and will try with all my heart to help our 'neighbors' celebrate their uniqueness and celebrate who they are inside.

My mission is to make everyone see, appreciate and love themselves.
There is ONLY ONE YOU on this Earth, with your brain, your heart and your soul.  We need to celebrate that more!

I promise you, I will try my hardest to make an impact and make a difference by being brave and helping change the world for the better using kindness, love, acceptance and equality.  Just like you did, Mister Rogers.  There are over 143❤️ reasons why I love, and I think you know all of them!!

Sincerely,  Miss Gabi