Miss Gabi's Art is Good Studio

Our Mission:


Finding the Voice Within… 

Our inclusive 'Art is Good' Studio is a non-competitive art educational studio where we believe in ART & YOU.  'Art is Good' exists to inspire individuals of all ages & abilities to find their voice through Art.


2019 Summer Art Camp Schedule: 7 weeks of Art Camps, each week a different theme. . .


2nd Annual

2019 Summer Art Camp Schedule




We INSPIRE you by focusing on your individuality and what makes you unique.  At your own pace, we help you CELEBRATE your own personality through art.  Miss Gabi’s mission is to build inclusive opportunities for individuals of all ages and all abilities through art. Miss Gabi’s Art is Good Studio creates a community in which ALL people are accepted, appreciated, and adored. Equality, Acceptance, Kindness and Love are the driving force behind Miss Gabi’s art program.


While providing a safe, happy, diverse and welcoming environment at her art studio, she helps everyone realize how much they need ART in their lives. We believe instead of lecturing about diversity and equality, we demonstrate it through how we teach our classes, how we interact with our co-workers, assistants/volunteers, mentor our interns, and how we embrace the community.  In doing this, we set an example of acceptance and equality for everyone including children as young as three.

“When the children enter my classroom, I do not vocalize or bring attention to my disability or wheelchair, but I look them straight in the eye and put the focus and the love on them.  Immediately showing them what really matters is the voice within." - Gabrielle Nastuck, Founder



Celebrate the artist inside of you by taking private art lessons from Miss Gabi.  What's unique about the Studio is there is something for everyone and we work hard on trying to accommodate everyone's needs and wants.  Miss Gabi loves teaching private lessons to all ages and all abilities because this is YOUR TIME to focus on what YOU want to learn and create.  I will guide you along this creative journey experiencing how ART IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Sessions are private "one-on-one" lesson at the Art is Good Studio.  Call Miss Gabi today, she can't wait to create with you!



Come visit us!  Miss Gabi and her inspiring Art is Good team is ready to create with you!  At Miss Gabi's Studio we express visually what we cannot put into words.  Our art empowerment field trips are excellent for schools, groups, and individuals who want to uplift each other and show how we all matter and that we are all one.

Call today to book your field trip!

Birthday parties, Bride to Be, Mom to Be, Engagement parties, ‘just for fun’ parties - you name it, we do it!!

Birthday parties, Bride to Be, Mom to Be, Engagement parties, ‘just for fun’ parties - you name it, we do it!!


Bring your friends and family to Miss Gabi's Studio to experience what ART is!!  Miss Gabi will get you creating your masterpiece while making lasting memories for the whole family to cherish!

Parties for all ages and all levels can be booked by calling Miss Gabi today at 412-260-8261 or email nastuck@gmail.com. We look forward to having YOU!