Miss Gabi's Art is Good Studio


Miss Gabrielle Nastuck has over 13 years of experience working with non-profit organizations. She has Osteogenisus Imperfecta, brittle bone disease and uses a manual wheelchair to get around. For her bio go to www.gabriellenastuck.com

Miss Gabrielle Nastuck has over 13 years of experience working with non-profit organizations. She has Osteogenisus Imperfecta, brittle bone disease and uses a manual wheelchair to get around. For her bio go to www.gabriellenastuck.com

Our Inclusive 'Art Is Good' Studio is a non-competitive art educational studio where we believe in YOU & ART.  'Art is Good' exists to INSPIRE individuals of all abilities to find their voice through Art.


Our Inclusive "Art is Good" Studio facilitates classes and workshops that are conducted in an inclusive, creative and encouraging environment where everyone is able to share and express themselves freely.

Surrounded by professional and creative staff, our Studio is designed to help develop existing talents and discover new ones along the way.  At your own pace, we inspire you celebrate your own personality through art. Everyone realizes what a positive impact ART has on their daily life.  Art enhances the quality of life. 


Miss Gabi and her 'Art is Good' Team focus on:

  • Helping develop existing talents and discover new ones along the way.

  • Building confidence and self-esteem by focusing on your idea and what you are creating.

  • Understanding art heals and that all forms of art help relax the mind and ease the tension.

  • Helping college level individuals gain experience in their art field by assisting, observing, planning and executing a variety of art empowering projects through our Mentoring/Internship Program. It becomes an artistic journey for both Mentor and Student.

  • Showing non-artists of all ages and abilities how to incorporate art into their everyday life.

  • Making an impact by demonstrating diversity and equality through art projects.

  • Using technology to make a connection with our students by creating online journals for them to document their progress throughout their art journey.


Throughout Miss Gabi's life, art has always been with her.  In elementary school, it was her therapy when she was home bound recovering from bone fractures and surgeries.  In college, listening to music gave Miss Gabi the inspiration she needed to create her artwork!  And when she moved to Latrobe and she started to drive, she discovered singing in the car could instantly take away the stress! Looking back Miss Gabi now realizes it was her unconditional love of art and music that got her through the tough times.  Art was always there for her when she didn't even realize it.

In today's world, now more than ever, we need that positive force of art, in all forms, to get us through this difficult time.  'Art is Good' Studio not only focuses on building confidence and self-esteem but focuses on helping relax the mind and lesson the tension, improving the quality of life.  In a small intimate setting, we break away from social expectations and become unafraid to express ourselves.  The goal is not to necessarily have a finished product at the end, but to understand that coloring, drawing, painting, creating 3D, and letting the creativity flow without over thinking helps heal the body mentally and physically.  We would love to be able to bring some peace and happiness into your life!



All of our staff undergo background checks and references before being hired.  They are all creative professionals passionate about their art form and anxious to make a difference in your life.  


Our smaller class size enables the students to build strong relationships not only with the instructor but with their peers as well.  Surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals, in a small intimate setting, helps the students to become inspired and empowers them to want to learn, grow and believe in themselves.


We INSPIRE YOU to be YOU!  We INSPIRE you by focusing on your individuality and what makes you unique, and then we connect you with others with similar interests.  Each student becomes a part of the 'Art is Good' Family.  Miss Gabi treats her students like they are her own.  In fact, in the art world, they are!  

Miss Gabi's After School CDT ART CLUB!

Miss Gabi's After School CDT ART CLUB!

"I love to say "my kids, my students," because in the Art world, THEY ARE!  They are what inspire me to do what I do.  Over the past 13 years, all of my students have helped shape me into the person I have become today. By believing in me and accepting me for who I am, my students have given me the beautiful gift of learning to love myself and believe in myself. They gave me my voice, now I want to give them theirs.  I want each and every single one of my students to learn to love themselves and believe in themselves and realize if you can dream it, you can do it."    ~Miss Gabi



Miss Gabi wears her mantra daily around her neck to remind to her to stay true to who she is and what she believes in!!

Miss Gabi wears her mantra daily around her neck to remind to her to stay true to who she is and what she believes in!!


Believe in your crazy ideas, believe in your crazy self,  ALWAYS color outside the lines.




The 'Art is Good Studio' introduces ONLINE ART JOURNALS.  With the world incorporating technology into our everyday life, the 'Art is Good' Studio wanted to use that dependency in a positive way.   

Students have access to their own online art journal where they have the ability to document all assignments from beginning to end.  Our goal is to not only motivate the student, but capture other viewers as well by being inspirational and giving them the courage to try something new!



'Art is Good' Studio focuses on strengthening their social media following.  One way is to create on-line exhibitions for artists of all ages and abilities.  Artists will be able to exhibit their work on-line, developing and expanding their social media following. 

We  want to promote and market not only your artwork but share and introduce YOU to our 'Art is Good' Community which already exists in 30 states and over 20 countries.  We are connected through the world wide web.  As Mist er Fred Rogers would say, “Won’t you be our neighbor?”


ONLINE CLASSES - winter 2019

In addition to online exhibitions, starting this Winter of 2019, will have weekly online art demonstrations for artists of all levels.  Not only will we be able to connect with you in person, but you will also have the ability to connect with Miss Gabi via skype, youtube, or facetime.  Imagine being stuck in your home during a bad snow storm and not having to worry about traveling to your art class because it's ONLINE!  You don't have to go anywhere!   Miss Gabi ends up right in your living room on a snowy day - lecturing and giving you instructions from afar.  It doesn't matter where you are - we will be able to connect with you!

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Making an Impact...

My daughter, Addison, is six years old and is in first grade. She has attended single session art workshops, holiday events, and several week-long summer programs taught by Miss Gabi.

The programs are outstanding! Being an elementary educator myself, I am constantly impressed by the friendly caring staff, Miss Gabi’s artistic knowledge and creativity, and the remarkable organization of every aspect of the programs. When we enter the studio, we are always greeted with energetic smiles, and everyone calls Addison by name. The dedicated and hardworking staff clearly enjoy their jobs and make us feel comfortable and welcome. Miss Gabi is just marvelous! She not only also always has a smile, but the art knowledge that she provides in her programs is unbelievable. Just this summer, Addison learned how to mix media while having LOTS of fun! The organization of each program and attention to all details is amazing. Every program has a clear theme and details always creatively connect. The focus is always on making the arts fun and inspiring for the children involved!

Addison is deaf and wears Cochlear implants. When I signed her up for her first program, I was highly impressed that Miss Gabi already knew about proximity to the speaker. She also naturally knew to check in with Addison to be sure that she heard her instructions. The Miss Gabi's staff goes above and beyond to make necessary accommodations for all their participants…from the shy child who is trying their first class away from mom to the child with a disability. Living in Latrobe, we are very grateful to have Miss Gabi so close to us! I highly recommend Miss Gabi's Art Classes to all parents who I get share our positive experiences with. When I asked Addison what she likes best she smiled and said, “I like that I get to design my own creations. I love Miss Gabi!”

— Heather Muchnok