Our Artful Journey...


Currently our Art is Good Studio is part of the non-profit 501 c3 - East Suburban Citizen's Advocacy Organization.  With Miss Gabi's talents, so plans to tranform their Art from the Heart Program and make it known and recognized world wide. 

Art from the Heart was originally created to help promote ESCA vision of a community in which all people are appreciated and accepted.  Original artwork is created by artists that have developmental disabilities.  ESCA has been supporting Art from the Heart by partnering with local businesses to display and market their work.  ESCA also supports jewelry and art classes, through Art from the Heart Program. 

About 5 years ago, Miss Gabi met Kate Cala when Kate's mom was exhibiting artwork at the art center.  Soon after they met, Art from the Heart Program was promoted at the Latrobe Art Center and due to this partnership, Miss Gabi's relationship started with Clelian Heights.  It was an AHA MOMENT when Miss Gabi was reunited with Kate Cala October 2017 when they realized their missions and their goals were one in the same!!  EQUALITY, ACCEPTANCE, AND KINDNESS.  

Miss Gabi plans to integrate their artwork with her students and artists artwork as well.  These individuals will have the exact same guidelines as anyone else.  And you will all be able to witness the beauty of INCLUSION by viewing their online art journals.  This is something Miss Gabi has wanted to do for a while now, but in order to do this and be successful, you have to have the right kind of people, with the right kind of passion who is an advocate for equality, acceptance, kindness, and happiness.  This is just the beginning of one colorful journey.


Currently Clelian Heights is graciously helping Miss Gabi by lending her studio space until she opens her own studio.  Here is what Miss Gabi's Goals are within the next three years.