Art Classes

Our Philosphy

Art is Good Classes are taught in an inclusive environment that is happy, safe, diverse and equal.  We believe instead of lecturing about diversity and equality, we demonstrate it through how we teach our classes, how we interact with our co-workers, assistants/volunteers, how we mentor our interns/artists, and how we embrace the community.  In doing this, we are setting an example of acceptance and equality for children (starting as young as 3 years old), just by being their art teacher. 

"When the children enter my classroom, I do not vocalize or bring attention to my disability or wheelchair, but I look them straight in the eye and put the focus and the love on them.  Immediately showing them what really matters is the voice within."


Class sizes are limited.  Only 25 spots per session.


The studio offers private lessons to students of all ages and abilities. 
Length of class can range from 2 to 3 hours weekly, plus in studio time.
Call or email us for details.


art classes

Currently the Studio focuses on Beginners, Intermediate and Advance drawing classes and workshops.  Starting in the Fall of 2018 we will offer a variety of painting & 3D classes.


art doodle classes

Our DOODLE CLASSES, are a series of art classes for anyone who wants to let go of the stress and anxiety of everyday life, and focus on something calming, relaxing, and joyful. You do not need any formal training to take our Doodle Classes, so sign-up and become one of Miss Gabi's ART Doodlers!


art camps

Miss Gabi's favorite time of year is when summer camps are going on.  The energy is high and the room is full of creative individuals who are passionate about their work. 

  • Art Camps for Kids
    • Camps begin Mid-June and run through August. 
    • 4 Weeks -  each week a different theme
    • Age Groups will be divided into two groups
      • Ages 3 to 6
      • Ages 7 to 13
  • Private Camps for the Serious Artist
    • Ages 14-18.
    • One on one instruction, these camps are designed for the serious artist who is interested in exploring new art forms and developing their style in a private setting. 
    • Dates and times are flexible according to Miss Gabi's schedule and YOUR schedule.
    • So call us today!
  • COMING FALL 2018 - ART CAMPS for the Kid in YOU!

Classes Published Quarterly

As the 2018 year progresses, Art is Good Studio's Goal is to keep adding NEW 2D and 3D art classes for all ages and abilities.  Our classes and workshops will be published quarterly.

  • Winter/Spring Issue covers January through April and includes
    • 2D Classes
    • 3D Classes
    • Doodle Classes
  • Spring/Summer Issue covers May through August
    • 2D Classes
    • 3D Classes
    • Doodle Classes
    • Summer Art Camps for Kids
  • Fall Issue covers September through November
    • 2D Classes
    • 3D Classes
    • Doodle Classes
    • Art Camp for the Kid in You
  • December Issues covers Christmas Classes & Special Events
    • Special Events - TBA