My Method of Teaching:

Dr. Betty Edwards found that our culture is mostly the verbal Left side of the brain.  So therefore, Dr. Edwards needed to figure out a way that would allow the sub-dominant, visual Right side of the brain come forward to perform a task for which it is especially suited: drawing a perceived subject.

Miss Gabi's very FIRST graphite drawing using the UPSIDE DOWN Method

Miss Gabi's very FIRST graphite drawing using the UPSIDE DOWN Method

She devised a general rule to solve this problem.  A rule that forms the basis of all of the teachings in her book and in her workshops:  TURN THE DRAWING “UPSIDE DOWN!” 

When presented with an upside-down image as a subject to be drawn, the left side of the brain (verbal system) says, in effect, “I don’t do upside down. It’s too hard to name the parts, and the things are hardly ever upside-down in the world.”  and therefore, the dominant verbal system “bows out,” and the sub-dominant visual system, the right side of the brain, is “ALLOWED” to take on the task for which it is well suited.

It's a wonderful technique that I have used for years, and I have had nothing but positive responses from adults and children of all ages.



'Art is good' FALL sampler SESSION

  • Number of Sessions: 
  • Time: TBA
  • Cost:  TBA
  • Description:  This is your opportunity to get a feel for the variety of adult art classes that will be offered at Miss Gabi's 'Art is Good' Studio.  Each week will be a different medium.  We will experiment with drawing, colored pencils!   It's going to be a fun, stress-free, four week class of doing nothing but exploring to find which medium is good for YOU!  Sign Up Today!

Beginners Drawing - FALL SEASON

  • Dates:  
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  • Time:  TBA
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  • Description: In order to have a solid foundation of the basics of drawing, we are learning how to shift from L-MODE to R-MODE.  It also gives the individual the knowledge and confidence they need to experiment with a variety of mediums, tackle infinite subject matters, draw from the imagination, etc. etc.  By the end of the first class, you will shock yourself!
    • The Basic Component Skills of Drawing
      • 1.        Seeing and drawing edges – Contour Drawings
      • 2.       Seeing and drawing spaces – Negative Space Drawings
      • 3.       Seeing and drawing relationships – Proportion
      • 4.       Seeing and drawing lights and shadows – Shading Techniques
  • Private lessons available upon request - call 412-260-8261


(Must have a strong understanding of color theory background before taking this course)

  • Dates: COMING SOON!!
  • Cost:   TBA
  • Description:  There are so many different techniques when it comes to colored pencils.  The technique that I find most effective is Layering using Prismacolor Colored Pencils.  This technique enhances your values and hues by additional layers to create vibrant artwork full of depth and realism.  We start out with complimentary preliminary drawings before applying the true color.
  • Private Lessons Available for Ages 16 and up

This technique takes time and patience using a consistent light touch with each layer.  During the six weeks, we will create many small drawings to master the layering technique.  It’s addicting and fun once you get started, you won’t want to stop!