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We are honored that you are considering making a donation to Miss Gabi's 'Art is Good' Studio.  East Suburban Citizen Advocacy has been an amazing help to Miss Gabi.  This beautiful partnership is exactly in line with ESCA's mission to advocate for adults and children with special needs.  As an independent single woman living with Osteogenisus Imperfecta (a.k.a. O.I. brittle bone disease) and confined to a wheelchair, I have risen above my challenges and have not stopped until I’ve accomplished the goals that I set for myself.  Miss Gabi’s 'Art is Good' Studio will one day become a 501 c3 non-profit organization.  However, It is difficult to start a non-profit, by yourself, from the ground up, and therefore having ESCA to advocate for me gives me instant credibility and affords me the opportunity to succeed.

With that said, all tax deductible donations made will go through East Suburban Citizen Advocacy Organization where 100% of the funding will be used for Miss Gabi's 'Art is Good' Studio.

Please remember 'Art is Good' studio exists because of the love, support, and encouragement of our community.  So many kind individuals helped make Miss Gabi's vision a reality because they all believe in the power of art.  That is what connects all of us. . .ART.

Miss Gabi's is at her best when she is helping people, inspiring young ones, and making a difference in an inclusive community.  We need KINDNESS, EQUALITY, and ACCEPTANCE now more than ever.   

It is life changing when someone "believes" in YOU!  It only takes ONE PERSON to change your life, to make that impact, to ignite that spark inside YOU! 

Miss Gabi's 'Art is Good' Studio does all of this plus more.

BELIEVE in the power of art and donate today!

East Suburban Citizen Advocacy - Attention: "Miss Gabi's Art Studio"

4407 Old William Penn Highway
Suite 300
Murrysville, PA 15668