Pumpkins Season is here!!

Fall is my favorite time of year! My students have already started creating pumpkins to display in the studio! The best part about my studio is the natural light that shines in!! You can’t help but be happy when the windows are open and the crisp cool air is flying in!!

My students work hard when creating their artwork and they are so proud and happy when it’s complete. For some time now, I wanted to publish a weekly blog that showcases their art and also let’s you see what goes on in our studio on a weekly basis. Not everyone has Facebook or Instagram and so this is the perfect solution in getting EVERYONE to see what amazing talented individuals we have.

So let’s begin with my Clelian Heights and Achieva classes. Both organizations bring different adults to me on a weekly basis. Tuesday through Friday mornings are devoted to them and I cannot think of a better way to start off my day!

We create, we laugh, we dance, and we are HAPPY! We focus on the present moment, what is right in front of them by appreciating and loving the moment that we are in. THAT IS THE KEY! So much of our day is taken up with worrying (me included) about what is going to happen tomorrow, that we forget to enjoy THE NOW. . .TODAY! So the time that they spend at the studio, is their time to be “who they are” and not have to worry about the outside world. They are just completely FREE to be HAPPY!

Everyday they teach me something new. I often stop many times throughout my day and I thank God for leading me on such an amazing artful journey! I am able to do what I love and I love what I do!!

Today’s group of photos are from last week’s classes where we combined oil pastels and watercolor to create our own version of starry pumpkin night! Now go create YOUR OWN VERSION of starry pumpkin night and submit it to Miss Gabi and she will post it in her blog next week!!

Remember - Art is Good for YOU!